Australian Poetry Slam

Imagine two minutes in the spotlight. No props. No music. Judged by the audience. Just you…and your story.

Sandy Holmes – Katoomba Runner Up

Katoomba Runner-Up

Tell us a little bit about yourself – age, location, occupation, what you do for fun, etc.

I’m a forty-seven-year-old of mother of two teenagers. Katoomba, in the heart of the beautiful Blue Mountains, is our home. I write and perform what I call contemporary bush poetry which is usually humourous and often a bit naughty. In amongst growing veggies, coordinating an environmental education and tour program, I MC and recite poetry at festivals and community events.

What did you think of your local Slam heat?

As always, a fabulously diverse array of writers and performers. Just what you’d expect in Katoomba!

What inspired you to write the piece you performed?

A sexist incident at a folk festival and the reaction of a fabulous feminist defender.

Tell us a bit about how you feel about writing and performing your own work.

My writing feels like an essential outlet for my observations, inspirations and frustrations of life in Australian society. And I love to make people laugh.

How do you feel about heading to the NSW State Final?

Excited, apprehensive, enthusiastic, daunted, inspired, aaargh – Which piece will I do?


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