Australian Poetry Slam

Imagine two minutes in the spotlight. No props. No music. Judged by the audience. Just you…and your story.

Meet the 2012 National Finalists!


It’s time!  After almost fifty slam events across Australia, the 2012 Australian Poetry Slam finalists will finally be bursting onto the stage this Saturday, the 1st December.  In a battle of verb versus noun, whisper against shout, there’s no doubt that each of our competitors are wordsmiths with a message.  Make sure you take a sneak peak at the poets who’ll be setting the mic alight this Saturday!

Eleanor Jackson
Johnathan Sri
South Australia:
Gemma Boyd
LaCole Foots
Western Australia:
Chris Arnold
Colin Berry
Australian Capital Territory:
Calum Reid
CJ Bowerbird
New South Wales:
Zohab Khan
Jessica Santosa
Northern Territory:
Fred Van’t San (Top End)
Laurel May (Central Australia)
Freya Dougan-Whaite
Sam Hasell

Best of luck to all of our competitors!  Tickets are still available for the National Final at Sydney Theatre – click here to book!

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